GHQNET Admin Manual

Getting Started
Once you recieve an email confirmation that your alliance site has been created, it is time for you to get started. Your new site comes ready to use by default, but of course you'll want to customize it personally for your alliance. GHQNET gives Site Admins immense control over the appearance and functionality of their site. Below is complete documentation and descriptions of all admin functions that will let you customize your site exactly to your alliance's needs.

Access Manager
Access Manager is where you can create, modify, list, and delete permissions from your site. GHQNET is a permission-based site, meaning that every function requires a certain permission in order to be performed. There are two kinds of permissions -- system and personal. System permissions exist on all sites and are needed to perform site functions. System permissions cannot be added or deleted by Site Admins. Personal permissions are permissions that you can add, and use as the required access for custom pages, message boards, and polls. Access Manager requires the permission "Edit Users" in order to be used.

Listing a Permission
To list all users on the site and grant/deny a permission, press the edit icon next to the desired permission in Access Manager. Select "Yes" for the people you want to grant the permission to, and select "No" for the people who you want to deny.

Board Manager
Board Manager is where you can create, modify, and delete message boards from your site. The "Board Administrator" permission is needed to access Board Manager and edit boards. Please note that no matter what permissions are set, a Board Administrator automatically has read, post, and moderate permissions to all message boards. You can edit the following properties of any message board:

Board Tag
The board tag is the filename of the message board, which is unique for each board. You use this tag when creating a link to the board. The exact URL of a board named "private" would be:


Read, Post, Mod Access
These are the required permissions to read, post, and moderate a message board. Board moderators can delete posts and moderate the message board, but not edit board properties.

Public Board
A public board requires both logged-in and logged-out users to enter a name to post on the message board. Note that a public board controls the format of the board, rather than the required access. Read, Post, and Mod access still apply as normal to public boards.

Disable HTML
You can disable the use of HTML code on each board individually. If HTML is disabled, all HTML tags are stripped from both the thread subject and message body.

Page Manager
You can create and modify your own HTML pages through Page Manager. The pages have the same site style configuration as the rest of the site, as specified in Site Manager. Below are the properties you can edit of each page:

The filename is the unique name of each page. The exact URL of a page with the filename "sample" would be:


View/Edit Access
View access is the required permission to view the page. Edit access is the required permission to modify the HTML and page properties of the page.

Menu Manager
You can create, modify, and remove links on the left menu through the Menu Manager. This provides for easy and customized navigation throughout your site. There are Parent Items and Menu Items on the left menu. A Parent Item is a main category of links which helps organize your menu items. Menu Items are the individual links on the menu. For example, a Parent Item would be "Boards" and some Menu Items would be "Private Board" and "Public Board." Below the properties of Parent/Menu Items are described:

The name and text displayed on the Parent/Menu Item.

Link URL
The URL of the page you want the Parent/Menu Item to link to.

Font Color
The color of the text of the Parent/Menu Item label. The color can be specified by name or by any HTML color hex code.

Background Color (Parent Items Only)
The background color of the Parent Item. The color can be specified by name or by any HTML color hex code.

The number order of the Parent/Menu Item on the left menu.

The target frame of the Parent/Menu Item link. By default the target is left blank, which specifies the main frame on your site. The target "_top" specifies a full screen on the existing browser window, and the targets "_blank" and "_new" specify a new browser window.

Display Permission (Menu Items Only)
The required permission to view the Menu Item on the left menu. The Display Permission should correspond to the View Access of the target page, to avoid "Access Denied" errors. This will ensure that only users with the correct access will see the proper links.

Display To Users (Menu Items Only)
Specifies if the Menu Item should be displayed to logged-in users, logged-out users, or both. Note that the user still must have the required display permission to view the Menu Item.

Parent Item (Menu Items Only)
Specifies which Parent Item the Menu Item is located in.

User Manager
You can create, edit, and remove user accounts to your site through User Manager. To edit an account, click the edit icon next to the desired user. To delete an account, check the desired user(s) and delete them. To move users to another group, check the desired user(s) and select the proper group.

Poll Manager

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